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Wire Nail Making Machine-03

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Wire Nail Making Machine-03
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Max Wire Diameter S.W.G. (m.m.) 2mm - 4mm, 12g - 8g
Max Length  25mm - 100mm, 1" - 4"
Max Speed (Nails/Minutes) 400
Power Required H.P. 3
Case Size (cms) 140 x 100 x 115


  • This High Speed Wire Nail Making Machines retained basic design and simple operation for friendly use.
  • Balanced critical parts results low vibration & enhance life.
  • All Lubrication parts are served by centralized automated cyclic lubrication system for long life.
  • A new feeding system permits the use of large wire bundle and maintains close tolerance.
  • Harden ground wedge type die box for longer life and easy low cost refurbishing.
  • Round index able Gripping dies with Eleven Grooves enabling eleven times longer life without any reprocessing


  • Easy to operate
  • Low maintenance
  • High performing
  • Long service life